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Obama Now a Laughing Stock? 
Obama is being depicted in the media with this Obama Socialist Joker image. From the American Thinker blog:

"It is starting. Open mockery of Barack Obama, as disillusionment sets in with the man, his policies, and the phony image of a race-healing, brilliant, scholarly, middle-of-the-roader.

Tammy Bruce,  Atlas Shrugged, and Newsbusters (three terrific conservative sites), and Bedlam Magazine (an arts site) comes news of a poster spreading across Los Angeles, depicting Obama as a Heath Ledger Joker, and carrying the caption 'Socialist'.
"There will be more of this. Count on it. Obama's cool image is so 2008. It's a long way down from lowering the oceans to laughingstock." --- Thomas Lifson, at American Thinker
Keep Talking, Mr. Obama
"At a town hall meeting at the AARP headquarters in Washington, Mr. Obama answered a woman in North Carolina, who asked if it was true 'that everyone that's Medicare age will be visited and told they have to decide how they wish to die.'
"The President at first joked the government doesn't have enough workers to ask everyone how they want to die, then more seriously suggested the idea is to expand the use of living wills."
Mr. Obama frequently makes JOKES off the cuff, and each time, they reveal a somewhat jaded, callous sense of humor, and a lack of genuine heart and concern for people that was characteristic of past presidents. 
Obama's bad jokes include:  the Special Olympics joke.  We knew there was more to come.  Getting on the talk shows was a recipe for disaster.
Obama fails to act presidential and it gets worse each time he talks off the cuff.
For the sake of the country, we'd rather he be chained to that teleprompter (the famed "TOTUS") than embarrass the United States of America with more disastrous remarks. 
On second thought - keep talking, Mr. Obama, because the American people are starting to catching on.

Michael Savage "Banned" From the UK?  Comments from Visitors to This Website:

A national treasure who exhibits the conservative values that are a model of excellence and intelligence. Capable of rational thought and insight that is most unique. Understands the pulse of the people and is forthright in his convictions and ultimate defense of the First Amendment. Much too intelligent for the shallow liberals that attempt to confront him with dismal consequences. The heavyweight champion of conservative ideology. We are proud and privileged to have a true American who speaks his mind with eloquence and conviction, Michael Savage!  

I support Michael Savage and it is totally ridiculous that this person Jackie Smirh is condemming you. there is no question that you are not in the league of the people if that is what they are really and you should certainly fight it and go on national interviews. Since you are a strong individual and are willing to confront this situation you should take advantage of any publicity in this matter.

Hello, I read the article about the banning of Michael Savage, As I can see it , A person of your power should have the for site to see what you did by this , was absolutely wrong....You classified this man with terrorists? a talk show host? even more so is that by doing this, you in essence are trying to take away his freedom of speech???? isn't that what he actually fights for ? issues like this?I think its time to look at your own policies , letting areas of you country group together and TELL you they want sheria law? Wake up ! Talk show host's? I think you as a official had better spend more effort looking at the bigger picture of what's happening in your country ! It's officials like yourself , who by thinking that being nice and not hurting ones feelings will bring you kindness in return ? and that going after people that really only want to keep their country safe , and guard their constitution are the bad people, well , you need to look real hard at your priorities , no offence , im very glad your in charge over in your country and not in ours , because if you were here I'd consider our country FINISHED !! ......Thank you....Ken

As far as I am concerned whether you like him or agree with him or not he has the complete right to say exactly what he wants. This Freedom will last until this administration restricts free speech. 

I just read that you have been banned from entering the UK. Good publicity for you, but another terrible sign of the times. Wish I were there to hear what you will say about that.

Michael tells it like it is... be it "Offensive or Not". Most of the time people need to hear the stupidity of their actions - Michael is very gifted at pointing them out! My message to those that find him very offensive .. "You shouldn't be so easily offended" ... GROW UP!

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